I'll never forget my first Kundalini Yoga Class....

It was about 8 years ago in my friend Rainbow’s living room at the “Owl House” in Davis. She had just recently discovered this type of yoga herself and was so into it that she invited a kundalini yoga teacher from Sacramento to come teach a class in her living room once a week. I had just recently gone through a year long hatha yoga teacher training and was teaching vinyasa flow classes at a local yoga studio. I was interested to find out what Rainbow was so excited about. 

When I arrived there was an older bearded man wearing a turban, dressed in all white. It was unlike any other yoga class I had been to. We chanted mantras and he led us through a series of exercises. Midway through the class something amazing happened inside of me and I couldn’t hold back the uncontrollable laughter that came out of me. Energy was moving through me in such interesting ways and I was surprised how it completely changed how I was feeling so quickly and dramatically. I was suddenly in this really elevated place that was so healing and blissful. We then laid down on our backs and relaxed to this strangely beautiful music that seemed to transport me to some sort of angelic realm from some part of the 60’s I didn’t know existed. 

After that I was hooked. This was my new yoga. New to me but also ancient. Ancient but completely relevant to my life in this present time. I eventually gave up teaching vinyasa classes and passionately dove into these somewhat strange and mysterious teachings.  It was a perfect complement to the deep inner work I was doing in other ways. It brought a sort of balance to all the tapping work I was doing with myself. It was similar to EFT in that is was extremely efficient, stress relieving, energizing and was releasing old patterns on this deep subconscious level, but on a purely physical, energetic and spiritual level in that I didn’t even need to know what exactly was releasing and changing under the surface. It was just happening in this really cosmic sort of way that expanded my awareness of my self and my life. It connected me to the magic world inside of myself and tuned me into my own inner guidance. 

Its a practice that I continue to go deeper and deeper into. Like tapping, it continues to help me shed layers upon layers of accumulated pain, trauma, limitations and programing so that the real me can shine through. Its one of the ways that I take care of myself so that I can be strong and bright and able to hold a potent space of light for my clients to heal and expand into their true selves and be in their full power. 

If you’re interested in experiencing kundalini yoga for yourself, you might like to join me for an upcoming series I’ll be starting in a few weeks. I’ve designed this series to help you align more deeply with your soul’s purpose and create true prosperity in your life. If you feel called, I would love to have you in the class. You can read more about it HERE. And, if you sign up by Monday night (2/6), you’ll get the special early-bird discount. 

Tapping into abundance: a client success story

Did you know that when you address and clear negative feelings and beliefs about money, that you can actually bring more of it into your life? One participant who came to my tapping into prosperity workshop a couple years ago recently shared with me her amazing story. Enjoy! 

"When I took my first EFT class I had no idea what to expect. We sat in a circle and learned about what EFT is and how it works, and it seemed simple enough. Then we were asked to write down our answers to a couple very thought provoking questions. The questions themselves made me realize how stressed I'd been about money. I'm a single mom with 3 kids, dependent on contract jobs in the volatile computer industry and had been unemployed a few times over the last 10 years. I had every reason to be stressed right? I'd done a lot of yoga and work on myself, was able to affordably feed my family and raise them in a wonderful town..but the stress of providing for them just wouldn't leave me. And after all, I'd been through a lot, including near homelessness more than once.

While being led through the tapping exercise that afternoon... new thoughts started to emerge in me. I realized that the fears of not being able to provide where perfectly valid. Then I realized that the stress that the fear caused me has served me to stay motivated. I forgave myself for feeling both. As a result - my blinders came off and I gave myself the sight to see that actually, I have achieved success. I realized that I had made it. I was here. My kids are smart, well fed and well educated. I am enough for them. I am successful. A few tears came out but no one noticed because we were all relaxed and enjoying the session. The overwhelming relief and joy of understanding that my fear & stress had actually served me set me free from it all. Thru the EFT I was able to befriend the emotions I'd been fighting back and understand their purpose in my life.

But it didn't end there! The week that followed surprised me with a raise at work and an unexpected large bonus. Further, I was put on a project that ensured no end date. I had broken the cycle of my insecurity. The EFT class Kirsten led freed me from my patterns of feeling like I wasn't enough. I went from scarcity to abundance thinking in a 2 hour period - who would have thought! Later in the month I was able to take my children on a vacation to Iceland with our extra funds. Since this time, nothing has gone backwards in my thinking. My finances continue to flourish as does my confidence - which is a good thing because 2 of my 3 kids are in college now and that's taking every nickel I have - and that's just fine! Thank you Kirsten for your tremendous impact on our lives. I'm forever grateful for how it's helped all four of us in my family, and the further ripple affect (like how proud my dad is of his amazing and well traveled grandchildren)." - Catherine