Light of the Soul: A 5 week Kundalini Yoga series for Cultivating Inner Light & Radiance


Light of the Soul: A 5 week Kundalini Yoga series for Cultivating Inner Light & Radiance


Light of the Soul :

A 5 week Kundalini Yoga Series for cultivating inner light and radiance

Nov. 30th - December 28th

Fridays, 4:30 - 6pm.

at the Davis Holistic Health Center (1403 5th Street)

Join us for a special 5 week series to support you in cultivating inner light, warmth, and radiance as we move into the season of darkness. 

We'll be using specific exercises, pranayama, mantras and mediations to bring light to areas of internal darkness, maintain a healthy immune system, nourish the soul and invite greater levels of vitality & joy into our being. 

All levels are welcome. 

Investment: $75 for the full series / $20 to Drop-in

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Kundalini yoga is an ancient form of yoga brought to the west by Yogi Bhajan. This powerful form of yoga uses specific movements, meditations, mantras, and breathing exercises designed to strengthen and balance the nervous system & glandular system, release old subconscious patterning, activate the energy centers of the body, and strengthen the aura. Some benefits commonly experienced include greater clarity, radiance, intuition, vitality, and an expanded sense of awareness. If you've never done kundalini yoga before, this is a great opportunity to dive in!

Please bring a water bottle, wear comfortable clothing, and avoid arriving with a full stomach. 

Some other optional things you may want to bring include a blanket or sheepskin and a cushion for sitting meditation.

Traditionally Kundalini Yoga is practiced in white, natural fiber clothing and a head covering. You are welcome to wear whatever works best for you. Yoga mats, bolsters and some blankets will be available for you to use.