Starting October 2019-

Elevate Your Life:

A 6 month journey for powerful women who are ready to expand into their full brilliance and take their lives to the next level


This group is specifically for women who are ready to take their lives to the next level, align with their true path, and realize their purpose and highest potential in the world within a community of support. 
Throughout this program I'll be holding open an elevated, sacred space of grace, divinity and light for everyone to be uplifted into their highest self and calling and to realize that in their lives. 

This is for you if you have been feeling the call to step into something bigger for your life. This is a powerful and life-changing opportunity to be well supported in a nurturing, healing, uplifting, and transformative space, amongst a group of women coming together with a similar intent and vision. 
Within this elevated, light filled container and community, we'll be taking our healing journey to next level. Together we'll be releasing ancestral trauma, fears, limiting patterns, and old ways of being in order to expand into our best selves, step into our full power and shine our light. 

This group is for you if you are READY to take your life to the next level in order to…

* Be totally clear about what you're here to do on the planet and in this lifetime as you step more fully into your divine work.

* Re-connect to your intuition and learn to trust yourself to make bold, powerful choices.

* Attract wealth easily and naturally so you can experience true financial freedom.

* Sink into your divine flow, express yourself in ways that feel deeply satisfying and take your creativity to the next level.

* Attract relationships on a whole new level and experience new levels of joy within your connections.

* Expand your capacity to experience the richness of your own life.

* Shine brighter than ever before.


Throughout this journey, I’ll lovingly guide you forward as you….

- release trauma and wounds from the past

- dissolve limiting thought patterns that keep you small

- release blocks to wealth and open to greater levels of financial freedom

- heal past relationship patterns and opening to greater levels of love

- reclaim your power as you learn to create, refine and communicate clear boundaries

- Create pathways to greater levels of confidence and creativity

- level up in all areas of your life!

I joined Kirsten’s Elevate Your Life program at a major transition time in my life. My relationship had just ended, and I had to move out of our family home. I wasn’t sure where I was going next or what changes would take place with my business. Through Kirsten’s supportive circle, I learned exactly what I needed in order to work through these intense changes in a healthy way, and ultimately, begin to elevate my life. I was able to break old patterns, see myself more clearly, and cultivate a deeper sense of trust in my intuition as well as that of divine guidance. The tools I’ve learned of journaling, meditation, and tapping are ones that will serve me for the rest of my life. I really enjoyed having the sisterly support and honestly, her sessions were the highlights of my weeks! Kirsten creates such a magical space for us all to feel seen, heard, and held without judgement. Kirsten has an innate ability to tune into what is most needed in each group session and let that guide her facilitation. Every session I have felt like, “Wow, that is exactly what I needed!” After 9 months of working with Kirsten in her women circles, I can say without a doubt it’s been life changing and elevating in the best way possible. I would absolutely recommend her circle to any woman who feels called to elevate her life.
— Katie Koch, Flower farmer & designer

Whats included:

*12 - 2 hour group healing sessions

* Two support sessions every month with one of the women in our group (12 in total)

* Access to an ever growing Tapping Meditation Library for extra support

* Additional practices to do at home between our sessions

*An hour long personal session over the phone with Kirsten to clarify your vision for your life, identify personal blocks and recognize your next steps. 

*Consistent energetic support and light held for you throughout

October 2019 - March 2020

Wednesday evenings 7pm- 9pm (Bi-monthly)

(In-person in Davis, California)

Kirsten is truly a sacred spaceholder who leads by example of how to use authenticity and vulnerability as a path for healing and true empowerment. I’ve seen the profound impact of participating in her rich group programs in both myself and others: connecting with true self and true empowerment are the greatest impacts. Kirsten also creates a micro-community in her group courses that allow for and celebrate truly positive and uplifting sisterhood connections! I’m deeply grateful to this woman for the work she does!
— Margaret Waterhouse, Owner of W. Margaron, Davis, CA
I have had the opportunity to participate in Kirsten’s Elevate Your Life Program. What I have learned from Kirsten and the other women in this program has helped me to safely and courageously push on my edges and limiting beliefs in beautifully expansive ways. One way I can summarize the outcomes of these experiences is that my relationship with self has become exponentially more loving, joyous and compassionate. And this peaceful relationship with self ripples outward elevating all other aspects and relationships in my life. Kirsten’s teachings provide healing wisdom, which become integrated though self-reflection, sharing and body-movement based practices during group as well as out-of-group daily practices. I am becoming more confident navigating daily life and my bigger dreams/visions as I feel safer, brighter, and bolder in the world.
— Erin Bird, PhD Candidate, Science & Agriculture Education
'Dharma Artist - Tashi Mannox

I'm excited to see what can move through within the support of this elevated, light filled space!

If interested in exploring the possibility of joining us for this transformational journey, please take a moment to fill out the form below.

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I have had the privilege of being in several of Kirsten’s group offerings. She creates a safe and welcoming space where we work over time with the support of the group. Group work really helped me to gain a wider perspective on my own problems as well as allowing for much deeper insights. I found love and compassion in each group of amazing women and made new friendships.
— Vickie Carr, tech specialist
Kirsten is an angel, truly. She is so incredibly loving and caring and has the magic to create a potent circle of safety that allows one to feel deeply. I have recently finished her 10 month Elevate Your Life program and the changes have been profound, inside and out. The shifts it has created within me continue to unfold and I am a better, more truer version of myself thanks to the incredible healing received from gathering with her. I am so blessed to know and love this woman as a friend and a mentor. Her healing powers are instantaneous and her heart is a golden turquoise palace. It is an honor to work with her. She continues to teach me with all her loving ways. Lifetime and lifetime again, I choose Kirsten to be my teacher, healer and friend.
— Camelia Gallagher