I'm excited to announce that I'll be offering a new group program starting this September!

Elevate Your Life:

A 10 month journey for powerful women who are ready to expand into their full brilliance and take their lives to the next level


This group is specifically for women who are ready to take their lives to the next level, align with their true path, and realize their purpose and highest potential in the world within a community of support. 

Throughout this program I'll be holding open an elevated, sacred space of grace, divinity and light for everyone to be uplifted into their highest self and calling and to realize that in their lives. 

This is for you if you have been feeling the call to step into something bigger for your life. This is a powerful and life-changing opportunity to be well supported in a nurturing, healing, uplifting, and transformative space, amongst a group of women coming together with a similar intent and vision. 

Within this elevated, light filled container and community, we'll be taking our healing journey to next level. Together we'll be releasing ancestral trauma, fears, limiting patterns, and old ways of being in order to expand into our best selves, step into our full power and shine our light. 

We'll be covering a variety of topics including but not limited to:

 'Dharma Artist - Tashi Mannox  tashimannox.com

* Creating, refining and communicating clear boundaries

* Releasing blocks to wealth and opening to greater levels of financial freedom
* Releasing addictive patterns as a path of deep healing and expansion

* Releasing insecurities, enhancing your intuition and fully trusting yourself to make powerful choices
* Healing past relationship patterns and opening to greater levels of love
* Releasing anger & resentments to reclaim your inner peace and come back into your full power
* Creating pathways to greater levels of confidence and creativity


Whats included:
Ten in-person group intensives in or near Davis, California (11am - 6pm, with a lunch break)
Ten 90 minute group coaching/healing calls with some time for questions and one-on-one support (Recordings of all the calls will be included)
Optional daily kundalini practices + group meditations to do at home to support your transformation 
Two support sessions every month with one of the women in our group. (You'll have a new partner each month) 
Access to an ever growing Tapping Meditation Library
Additional practices to do at home between our sessions

*An hour long personal session over the phone with Kirsten to clarify your vision for your life, identify personal blocks and recognize your next steps. 

I'm excited to see what can move through within the support of this elevated, light filled space!

Registration is open!

You can get more details, and sign up by clicking the button below

Or, If have some additional questions about the program, I invite you click on the button below to schedule a time to connect with me over the phone