Stories of transformation from some of my clients....

Hi Kirsten, I just wanted to send you a note to give you my utmost love and appreciation for holding healing circles and for helping me move myself out of a destructive mentality. Since I saw you, I have experienced what I have described as a change in my heart song. Any time I felt myself drifting back into a scared, lonely place I would meditate on the affirmations while tapping a point that felt right. About a week after I saw you I made a connection with someone and we are now drifting blissfully into love. (We’ve even done some tapping!) I felt so much support from you not just within the structure of the circle, but genuine compassion coming from your heart. THANK YOU as I really feel that my heart song change was just what needed to happen for this partner manifestation! I really do believe in magic now!
— Ali Von Striver
I feel as though doors are opening up for me, and my minds eye can finally see the path to follow in front of me. I am more certain now than I have ever been on what I want, and shall do with my life. This work has helped heal scars that I didn’t even know were there, and deepened my understanding of my own psyche.
— Jarred Martinez
Kirsten is a trustworthy and skilled guide for anyone who wants to uncover and release their own deepest emotional habit patterns. She has helped me really process and integrate the feelings underlying some of my more stubborn beliefs and habits, while simultaneously leading me to a level of confidence and purposefulness that had previously eluded me.
— Ellen Anderson Holt
I’ve been feeling progressively better since our last session. I’m finally liberated from the break-up, feeling my center, and grateful to be free from dysfunction. I’m so liberated from my family dysfunction and childhood trauma. I’m so grateful to you for the support of your healing gift during this transformational time in my life. I’m becoming the woman I want to be and it’s a humbling and beautiful labor of self-love.
— Zara
My mother always said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The universe saw my needs and it was destiny that brought Kirsten to me. She has not only held my hand and helped me, but she has shown me how to hold myself. She has guided me to healing myself. Love and forgiveness cleanses the deepest layers of pain and fear. Kirsten is a kind, loving and pure soul who truly sees and values the truth in people. My baggage of trauma has been lovingly unpacked, sorted and left behind. Thanks to my work with Kirsten, I’m now feeling capable, clear, confident and ready and able to move forward in my life.
— Alysia Love
Before joining Kirsten’s group program, I felt disconnected from myself and my passions. Through the course of our work together I healed wounds and opened up about experiences I’ve never shared with anyone else. Since working with Kirsten I’ve grown to really know that I have a lot of potential to pursue previously hidden dreams. I’ve gained clarity into what I am really passionate about and capable of achieving. I’ve come to realize how I want to inspire people and how I want to create my career around my lifestyle and not my lifestyle around my career. I’ve become more confident in what I want to do and myself in general. My expectations for myself have become bigger and my dreams are coming true. I would absolutely recommend Kirsten Elise because of her ability to keep me feeling safe in moments of breakdowns and breakthroughs. Kirsten sincerely cares about her clients and wants to see them shine and live their life’s purpose. Her ability to really get to the root of our beliefs that hold us back is incredible.
— Karla Palimino
Kirsten has a true gift. Before joining her program I was stuck in my triggers, fixated on pieces that were not life-giving, that did not support my growth, and that were not my true essence. With Kirsten’s guidance, I have moved to a deeply soul-filled place. Instead of living in my shadows, I am now living in the depth of my truth. I now have tools to work through my shadowy self in order to to move beyond my egoic state of understanding and into a peaceful state of being. Triggers and shadows are hard, but with Kirsten’s support, I have a ground. I have a place to land and a place to move within and beyond. My strength has been awakened in ways I didn’t know were possible, and the security I have found within my own self is not only affirming, but empowering. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Kirsten. She is an angel in my life.
— Maureen, Farm Program Manager
I joined Kirsten’s Elevate Your Life program at a major transition time in my life. My relationship had just ended, and I had to move out of our family home. I wasn’t sure where I was going next or what changes would take place with my business. Through Kirsten’s supportive circle, I learned exactly what I needed in order to work through these intense changes in a healthy way, and ultimately, begin to elevate my life. I was able to break old patterns, see myself more clearly, and cultivate a deeper sense of trust in my intuition as well as that of divine guidance. The tools I’ve learned of journaling, meditation, and tapping are ones that will serve me for the rest of my life. I really enjoyed having the sisterly support and honestly, her sessions were the highlights of my weeks! Kirsten creates such a magical space for us all to feel seen, heard, and held without judgement. Kirsten has an innate ability to tune into what is most needed in each group session and let that guide her facilitation. Every session I have felt like, “Wow, that is exactly what I needed!” After 9 months of working with Kirsten in her women circles, I can say without a doubt it’s been life changing and elevating in the best way possible. I would absolutely recommend her circle to any woman who feels called to elevate her life.
— Katie Koch, flower farmer and floral designer
Thank you Kirsten for being such a steady support for my personal change project. You and your gift of EFT are the BIGGEST part of what is making it possible for me to go forth into this beautiful new world WITHOUT FEAR! HA! LOVE! Life just keeps getting better and better!
— Jenn Azure
I was looking for relief from PTSD and thinking about EMDR when a friend suggested that I try Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping. She said that EFT Tapping had helped her a lot, and that it might be more accessible, since once you learn the technique you can do it on your own without a therapist.

In a few sessions, Kirsten helped me to completely overcome issues that I’m sure would have taken me many years to overcome in traditional talk therapy. Kirsten is a gifted healer with a compassionate heart and open mind. She listens carefully and is able to craft uniquely perfect individual tapping sessions. I have not only found EFT Tapping to be helpful recently, but I’m sure that it will be a tool that I can carry forward in the future. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have found Kirsten.
— Christina Chang
Kirsten’s program has reordered my life. I’d been trying in earnest recently to manifest my vision, but felt stuck. After joining the program, I’ve noticed that the writing I have been doing for Kirsten’s class has felt inspired for the first time in years. I am appreciating the renewed creative flow: I have started a blog, began developing a workshop with a friend, got accepted into a cooperative living situation, and landed a new job! All of these things were ushered into my life after Kirsten helped me clear some major emotional blocks that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. The ways in which I view my process now are totally changing thanks to the work I’ve done with her. I’m slowing down and allowing myself to grow as fast or as slow as I need, and to stop forcing things. I am so grateful to Kirsten for helping me unlock my flow. It has also been good for me to share myself in a group of people: being witnessed in my new creative flow has only reinforced the process and allowed me to keep creating!
— Jesse Hindman
Working with Kirsten these past couple years has been instrumental in my development in to the self-actualized being that I now know and love. I am so grateful to be able to dance along my highest path with an ever-expanding love of life and reverence for the beauty of creation. Life is an epic journey, and with EFT as a tool in my kit, I know I’m prepared to walk it with gratitude in place. I continue to work with Kirsten to refine my relationship with my Work, which is now distinctly mine, brings me incredible joy, and supports me financially to do what I want in the world.
— Alexandra Hudson, Kaleidoscope Living Foods, Berkeley, CA
Kirsten Elise is a magical healer. Her ability to connect, listen and compassionately hold space for her clients healing journey is truly a gift. I highly recommend her for anyone and every one!!!
There is really no one who can’t benefit from her guidance. Meridian Tapping is an extremely powerful tool for healing from the inside out, no matter what you are experiencing. Kirsten Elise takes it to the next level with her empathy and intuition. You will not be disappointed!
— Jennifer Neta, intuitive healer, Davis, California
When I first met Kirsten 5 years ago I was stuck in a marriage that wasn’t working, and just had so much trouble figuring out what was wrong with me. I went to one of the tapping circles she held at a yoga center. I felt better after the first one. Now I know my own power, I’m divorced and moving up in my career and life with a new sense of peace and trust in the future. I’m not afraid anymore.
Kirsten has a special talent for establishing rapport and creating a sense of safety in her classes and sessions. She has added to her repertoire of techniques over the five years I have known her, and continuously studies new ways to help people overcome past experiences and move into the future with new confidence and safety.
I wholeheartedly recommend Kirsten to anyone who is seeking to let go of the past, recover from trauma, shed addictions and unhelpful habits and just generally feel happier and safer in the world.
— Abbie Whitehead, Animal Chiropractor & Veterinarian Specializing in Chinese Medicine
I have found great relief from several long standing problems by working with Kristen Elise using EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping or EFT) is a way of clearing stress, anxiety, fear and trauma by using your own hands to tap on meridian point on your own body. It is an effective technique that can be done anywhere and anytime. This alone makes it an empowering skill to learn, but working with Kirsten brings added benefits. Kirsten is skilled at teaching the technique and also extremely gifted in guiding her clients to finding the blocks and teaching us how to dissolve them on our own. I’ve had the opportunity to work deeply with her by taking 2 different long-term sessions with Kirsten. My life is running much more smoothly, and as an added bonus my struggle with insomnia is now a thing of the past. Do yourself a favor and work with Kirsten if you can!
— Vickie Carr
Kirsten is a truly amazing healer. She does an amazing job helping me clear out emotional pain from my childhood so I can live my life more fully. I have been so pleased with the changes in my life, the small changes that are gradually and continually improving my life. I have committed to this tapping process, however long it takes and am seeing rewards every day.

I have been in 12 step meetings for 3 years and in therapy for 7 years and she helps me improve my life in ways that the meetings and therapy have not. The meetings and therapy are both important, but the work that Kirsten does specifically helps me learn to clear out all of the emotional pain from my childhood. I have found that this has been an essential part of my healing.
Kirsten is patient and kind and supportive and she makes it a point to specifically focus on me. She has never brought her personal life into our meetings. I have been to therapy sessions where most of them were good but the therapist brings some of her own issues to the session and I have thought to myself at least most of the sessions are good. This is not the case with Kirsten.

Kirsten has done a lot of healing herself and is an experienced healer so that when I come to difficult points, she has been able to patiently guide me through them. In fact, not only is she patient, but she is not afraid of the emotional pain. She embraces it! I am still healing. I know at this point that it is a process that requires time and patience. She is helping me process some very difficult childhood emotions: sadness, anger, anxiety, worthlessness...

I know that Kirsten is teaching me not to be afraid of those painful emotions, to process them and to learn to live my life in the present instead of in my childhood pain. I am so grateful to her for starting a practice and for being willing to work with me and help me heal and improve my life.
— Maria
I feel like the session that I was fortunate enough to have with you has really opened up my life up to possibilities that I felt were blocked for so long because of my emotional and mental blockages. You helped me just let it flow. So now I’m in the river, I’m flowing, and now I’m able to go on the ride, towards my dreams and goals with out the hesitation and doubt that I was raised with.
— Derek Downey, Bee Love Permaculture