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Here is a collection of short tapping meditations designed to support you in your healing journey and to create new subconscious thought patterns to expand you into your full power and brilliance! 

I initially created these recordings for my private clients to use between our sessions to reinforce personals changes and breakthroughs. They have become such a valuable aspect the healing process for many of my clients that I was inspired to share these more widely.

These recordings were originally created for specific people and at moments may contain details that don't fully resonate or apply to your particular situation. I invite you to use these recordings as a guide, but to change the words that you speak out loud to be in alignment with what you are thinking and feeling in the moment. 

Popular times to use these recordings have been in the morning, in the car, in the bath tub, in a moment of challenge and also just before going to sleep. I encourage you to find a way to weave these into your life that works best for you. 

Best Wishes,